Health Management II (2002)

Welcome to the Health Management II module. This module was created to help expand the capacity of managers in the health and welfare sector. 

Health Management is considered an important skill area for Public Health professionals. The Health Management II module is thus included as one of the core modules of the Post Graduate Diploma and Masters Degree in Public Health. The module covers three key management areas: change management, planning and resource management. The concept of change is a recurrent theme across the module. A second underlying theme is that managers continue to develop their skills through an ongoing process of reflective learning. The module presents management theories as well as a variety of perspectives and experiences for comparison with your own. As management is cross-cutting in relation to a number of other Public Health fields, you are also expected to relate much of the management study material to the contexts of the other Diploma modules.    

In terms of structure, the first unit provides an overview of the manager’s job and introduces management theory. This is followed in Unit 2 by an analysis of the factors involved in managing change. Unit 3 looks at approaches to planning and the use of health information as a basis for planning change. Unit 4 introduces resource management by examining financial systems and analysing selected issues in drug management. The fifth and final unit of the module examines issues relevant to the most important resource in health care - human resources.

Creators: Wendy Venter, Vincent Shaw & Lucy Alexander
Publication year: 2002
Language: English
Education level: Master and Postgrdaute Diploma Public Health
License Condition: Creative Commons: Attribution-Non Commercial Share Alike 3.0  
Copyright holder: School of Public Health (SOPH), University of Western Cape

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